Popcorn Fundraising


The fall popcorn sale is the main source of income for Pack 7.  Scout who participate learn about the importance of community support and how the sales directly fund all of the pack activities throughout the year.


Every year the Scouts do a GREAT job selling! Each year we provide a chance for Scouts to earn additional raffle items for sales. This is in addition to what council offers.  

Pack 7 will have our own great raffles for the boys to choose from. Each year's raffle has an outdoor theme.  For example, one raffle included sets of fishing, camping, or hiking items.  

Scouts will earn 1 raffle ticket for every $100 in popcorn sales.

The raffle will be held at the Pack Meeting when popcorn prizes from council are given out.

Scouts can choose which prizes to put their raffle tickets in - all in one basket, or spread them out over each prize you like.

Winners will be drawn at the Pack Meeting and leave with their prizes!!


In addition to selling to your friends, family and neighbors, boys can also sign up for show and sells at retail locations around Mansfield.

When signing up for a Show and Sell, remember to leave time to pick up and drop off the popcorn from the popcorn coordinator volunteer.  In addition, plan to have or pick up the following items:

  • Table
  • Personal popcorn selling sign created by your Scout
  • Tape for hanging the sign
  • Bills for making change 
  • Two containers — one for sales $, one for donations $
  • Post-it notes to label the popcorn prices
  • Pen/paper for tallying sales


Decorate your table with a tablecloth and other decorations, make your signs bright and colorful, try including some pictures of fun cub scout activities you have participated in, have a fun story or experience in mind to tell customers about why you love scouting!


Contact Sharon Olson for Inventory/product pick up questions and Show and Sell sign up/location questions: solson3995@gmail.com

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